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How to order

1. Measure your dog’s neck
If the amber necklace is too tight strapped round your dog’s neck, it will lose its effect.  Use a tape measure round the neck. You shall be able to fit in your hand between your dog and the tape measure.  The length you get is the length you shall order. The necklace is knitted round the dog’s neck with an included elastic band. This elastic band also allows you to regulate the length a bit.

2. Choose the model you prefer
We are offering two different models. The booth models have the same effect against ticks. The main difference between them is that the deluxe model has selected amber which is bigger, and the deluxe model is also a bit more resistance.

3. Add the chosen amber collar into your shopping cart
Click on the preferred model and length unit at the home page. Then select your length in the drop down list, and finally click the “add to cart”-button. The price is automatically counted and you can complete your order clicking the “checkout”-link.